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Welcome to WSN.


By way of a brief history, myself and Alex Cicotelli have come together to form a partnership, that encapsulates our knowledge and skills gained over many years  of running and being practitioners both working in and for the financial industry. 

By joining WSNe and the leadership team of DRS LLP’s Operations practice, we have created a global firm that has served the industry for a combined total of over 15 years. Our belief is to provide a unique supplier that genuinely puts our client’s needs first and disposes of the high margins and fees that our rivals need to maintain a bloated and self serving behemoth. 

From our time speaking and engaging with clients it is clear there is a genuine need for transparency, honesty, quality and cost effectiveness that has been lacking, whilst our clients have hit challenging and expensive times. We treat each and every client and employee with the respect and commitment they deserve and we never lose sight that this is a people business, regardless if our client needs 1 or 100 consultants, or a single employee needs guidance, help and support. 

These are not just words but our beliefs and working practices – I hope you, either a future client or employee, will feel confident in reaching out to us and asking what we can do to change your current status into something that is both positive and inspirational …. 

Gary Keane,

CEO and Founder, WSN 

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