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Legal Process Services

WSN provides legal process outsourcing solutions for investment banks whose in-house personnel are at capacity and for matters requiring specific SME skill-sets at a significant cost savings.

Cost Savings

Eliminate fixed salary and overhead costs associated with hiring in-house attorneys or paralegals to handle review of trade agreements, due diligence, litigation document search and review. Benefit from an outsourced solution of skilled, vetted and trained resources on an as needed basis.



SMEs tailored on request are adept at covering a wide variety of subject specific legal needs.



Dynamically responsive to changes in resource demand. Quick capacity scalability and talent-specific resource acquisition as required to fill gaps in internal competencies.  Provide on-demand legal resources for planned and unplanned needs triggered by workload spikes, resource constraints, new business initiatives, and changing business environments .


Because we operate solely within the financial sector, our clients receive consistent and reliable deliverables. WSN provides unmatched experience and comprehensive capabilities.  WSN spans the bridge merging legal and business requirements.

Areas of Expertise

Trade Agreements

  • Financial instrument contract negotiation and review solutions.

  • Regulatory compliance solutions

  • Contract summarization and abstraction

Trade Agreements


  • Cost effective regulatory compliance services

  • Contract compliance services


Document Review

  • Document review, coding
    and analysis 

  • Due diligence  

  • On and off site legal resourcing

Document Review

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